The last we heard from the STRAY crew out of Portland, Oregon Chris Lee had the party lit until 12AM. Now its time for the rest of the world to meet another member of the crew, Chief. Starring in his own debut mini-movie / music video “With My Dawgs,” Chief takes you through the streets on a scheme to get his homie back and little more in the end. Featuring fellow STRAY member Donte Thomas, this young collective shows a lot creativity, energy, and humor in their latest release and word is that won’t be stopping anytime soon. “With My Dawgs” appears on Chiefs upcoming album My Orbit dropping in late March. Be on the look for more from Chief and the STRAY collective.


With the raw attitude in the studio and the creative mindset on stage, Chief is an interesting face to the music scene. His love for the genres Rock/Hip Hop has inspired many different minds and souls in the North West. He has become a familiar face in the city of Portland, OR where he was born and raised as well as Eugene, OR where he now resides. Starting at an early age of 15, with help from his business partners Donte Thomas and Chris Lee, his love for music enhanced greatly. Chief was inspired by artist such as 50 Cent, Lil Boosie and Wiz Khalifa. His hobbies of working with computers, beat boxing, and poetry led him to be the artist and sound engineer he has become. With his ecstatic style, uplifting attitude, and humble mindset, Chief is the next big thing to rise from the North West with the help of his STRAY Family. The fact that he is 22 years old now shows his determination to be someone for others to look up to. With all his hard work and time he puts in, expect nothing but greatness.

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