Atlanta-based rapper Clayt presents the Brandon Huntley-directed music video for “Yo-Yo”, produced by Andre Palace. Hailing from Newport News, Virginia, Clayt debuted “Yo-Yo” by performing it for a live stream on Clayt has collaborated with Treez Lowkey (stream “Different Shadez”) and Masego (stream “Third Eye”). “Now more than ever I feel like everybody should be aspiring to be their own boss, to be in control of their own fate,” Clayt says about his new single. “When I was creating this song I just started to build off that energy and it came out to be this dope, different expression. When I say ‘pulling the strings’, I don’t necessarily mean just being able to make things happen, but also just being in control of my health, my mind, my emotions, my future, my finances etc. That’s how I’m feeling as a person right now, that I have more control than ever. With ‘Yo-Yo’, Palace really just gave me the canvas to reinforce and celebrate that idea. It was really dope being able to debut the song on Adult Swim’s website, at TBS Studios. It’s just surreal to have the opportunity now, knowing a few years ago when I moved to Atlanta I was just sleeping on the floor. It’s one of those moments you have to take a second to really appreciate. They have some really cool people over there though and I doubt this will be the last time we work together.”

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