11-year-old Los Angeles-based rap artist Kng Coco I a.k.a. Mr Diamondz In My Chain.. Chain.. Chain… Chain! presents the Toki Productions-produced video for “Ya Ya Superstar” featuring his father Roc O Star, from his forthcoming album Trap Baby which includes other songs; Hair Long, Money Long, Education, and That’s Nuttin aka Skateboard. Being 11 years old only, he holds a 4.0 grade point average, is an avid skater, a talented basketballer and the CEO of his own clothing line, Trap Baby Clothing, which is set to launch this February. His upcoming tour will be going out to high schools and middle schools across the country. Kng Coco emulated his father Roc O Star, whose style is a mix of rock, soul and hip-hop which he calls ‘thought music’ and has previous tracks including “Driving” (Youtube) and “She Work” (Youtube).

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