OP4 has already had his life changed by his controversial new music video for “No Fucks”. The viral song resulted in his father being fired from his job at the high school where the breakout video was filmed. However unfortunate, OP4 also has been blessed to find himself catapulted in to the music industry spotlight with placements on major publications and record deal offers rolling in from across the country.

The 19 year old rap sensation was recently featured on Vice’s Noisey and it’s easy to see why. With natural charisma, wordplay and delivery OP4 makes it clear that he’s studied his craft. After the first 2 verses which are filled with Hip hop cliches, he entirely flips the script in the third verse and let’s us in on the secret. OP4 is being satirical about how formula-driven modern rap is. He reels us in with what we have to come to expect and then proceeds to leave us with a powerful message. After the video went viral on Reddit it was picked up by 2Dopeboyz.com and the rest is history. Enough has been written about the school controversy and I much rather draw attention to the incredible talent we have been introduced to.

OP4 and his band the OP Mob are preparing to release their debut album WestEGG vol. 1 on January 31st. Make sure to follow the young star on his social media accounts and Soundcloud for this and future releases.

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