Hey world whats good with you. I been getting alot of music recorded in addition to confirming some more shows as well. So far two albums and the mixtape are done , and I’m putting the final touches on the last now. One of these albums is an exclusive and Po will ave it first so keep checking the site for more information that. Trust me, its totally outside of the box and you will appreciate the things I’m trying to to advance this music we all love called hiphop.
I also been putting a team together of graphic artists and promotional wizards to help build Brand Chanes. So look out for some innovative things coming from ya boy real soon. Please if you like my music, let me know-chanes711@yahoo.com, chanemusick on AIM, and you can even holla at me on the FANLINE 347 579 1931. I hope all is well, be good until next times!


What up Po!

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