[Interview] Artist Spotlight – Ze11a | @ze11a

New Orleans producer/rapper Ze11a presents "Out Here", his self-produced new single featuring...

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Shardé Sangz | @shardesangz

Shardé is the first ever winner American Airline & Essence Magazine’s “I am New and Next” competition in July 2018 at the annual Essence Festival. Before her Essence Fest win, she’s been a runner up on NBC’s “The Winner Is”

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Sean Elliot | @seanelliot

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Sean Elliot. Sean Elliot (Baton Rouge,LA) is one of last of a dying breed when it comes to that authentic Down South playalistic music.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Reej Bawstun | @ReejBawstun

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Reej Bawstun.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Breeze Mantana | @BreezeMantana

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Yonkers, NY rapper Breeze Mantana.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Veronika River | @veronikariver

Veronika River is influenced by the music and vocal styles of Sia, Lady Gaga, Adele, and Tove Lo. Ms. River combines pop, electropop, dance, EDM, along with a touch of blues/R&B to create a hybrid of musical genres.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Boneface | @Bonefaceink

Several mixtapes and albums later, The Boneface has a robust following of fans. Although most of his fans are residents of the Panhandle area, rest assured his music is enjoyed by those from all over the U.S.

[Interview] Artist Spotlight – The Aztext | @TheAztext

I was born and raised my first twelve years in Washington, D.C., so I definitely was a city kid when my family moved to Vermont. However, after going to middle school and high school here, and then returning after 4 years in Brooklyn

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Sir Daniel | @SirDanielsd

Residing in Sunny San Diego, Sir Daniel is inspired by the West Coast lifestyle of beaches, microbreweries and the chill vibes.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Nate B | @listen2nateb

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Nate B. This Indianapolis emcee is a craftsman with an unpredictable delivery.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Singapore Kane | @SingaporeKane

In this episode, we politick with Singapore Kane. A rapid rising rap star hailing from Boston, Massachusetts.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Derrick Salter | @derrick_salter

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Mississippi soul singer Derrick Salter.
Derrick Salter A.K.A. “The Son of Jody” is the Founder/Creator of the 2018 Southern Soul Takeover Platform.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Horus Gump | @HorusGump

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Alabama Rapper Horus Gump.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Cam Gnarly | @CamGnarly

Hailing from San Bernardino, California; Cam Gnarly is an indie hip-hop artist & forefront vessel of the POSI movement.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Noa James | @NoaJames

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Inland Empire, CA emcee Noa James.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Ace Clark | @AceClarkMusic

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with NY emcee Ace Clark.

[Interview] Artist Spotlight – J.O Jetson | @jojetson

Nashville-born, Minnesota-bred rapper J.O Jetson presents the Paul Moore-directed music video for...

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – Alfred Banks | @UnderDogCentral

In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with New Orleans rapper Alfred Banks.

[Podcast] Artist Spotlight – D. Ardee | @d_ardeemusic

Danny Ramalho (born 1993) known professionally as D. Ardee is an American hip-hop recording artist, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

[Interview] Artist Spotlight – Woo Child | @therealwoo

You’ve been repping the Lou hard for a while now. St Louis had a moment in the national spotlight with Nelly, Chingy, J-Kwon, and a few others. What do you think has been the evolution since then, and its current state?

Artist Spotlight – Bianca

Artist Spotlight – Bianca

BIANCA has been working intensely on, writing, crafting her sound and today releases her first official single: “Eyes On Me”. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the smile on her face is like the weather, always shining. Being sensual, funny yet edgy and raw, unafraid to be who she is, the whole essence of being your true self, is what her music is about. She aspires to transform all this warmth and lust for life despite the ups and downs, into extraordinary songs she’s putting together for her upcoming mixtape: Cool Kids Travel.